Audio Branding

Audio branding means providing the same voice to your customers regardless of the entry point to your business.  Using a consistent set of audio clips is just as important to a company’s image as its name or logo; it helps to define your value proposition to customers.  You can enhance your company’s image though these kinds of messages:

  1. telephone greeting message/IVR script

  2. telephone hold message

  3. podcasts

  4. product demonstration videos

  5. product installation videos

  6. training videos

  7. customer support videos

Sending podcasts to your sales force or your customer service agents is an excellent way to distribute periodic training updates.  Your sales people can listen to them any time, even while driving to their next sales call.  The MP3 files will play on any iPod/MP3 player, computer, tablet device and many mobile phones. 

Packaging your training as podcasts also saves you money.  Here are some great ways to use podcasts to enhance your business and reduce your costs:

  1. Provide your prospects with customer references.  Potential customers want to hear from your users about the experience of buying and using your products.  A podcast is a streamlined way to get your satisfied customers out in front of your prospects, and it will save your references time and effort.

  2. Service providers use podcasts to talk about the value they bring to their clients and the issues that they deal with on a day-to-day basis.

  3. Posting a podcast on your website addressing common questions is an efficient way to deliver information to your customers and prospects, and will increase your staff productivity.

  4. A podcast describing successful installation of your product will not only enhance the value of your web site but also deflect this responsibility from your sales and service staff.

  5. Consider including a podcast when you are launching a new product or when you receive positive reviews or comments.  Voices have been shown to convey more information than the equivalent printed materials, ultimately saving you money.

  6. Producing a regular podcast will keep your customers and prospects coming back to your site.  Podcasting is a great way to deliver the information your potential customers need to convert them from lookers to buyers.

Podcast Demo

Let me help you develop a plan to enhance your company image through the consistent voicing of your messages.  If you have a project in mind, please call or email so we can talk about how podcasting can fit into your marketing strategy and budget.