About Dana Marks

I have been a Silicon Valley marketing executive for over 20 years.  Prior to taking up the marketing mantle I wrote part of the operating systems that helped IBM mainframes dominate the high-end computer market.  After working for some of the most familiar names in technology (IBM, HP and Oracle), I served a number of start-ups in roles of marketing and influencer-relations.  My work has included giving speeches and presentations to large and small audiences on technical and marketing topics.  Over the course of my career, I have launched more than 30 products.

After years of hearing “You've got a GREAT voice!” I decided to take the compliments to heart and embark in a new career direction as a voice actor.

Through voice and technical training, I’ve been able to master the techniques and strategies necessary for success in this very competitive field.  My clients include companies in the technology industry, and I have become one of the ‘voices of the City of Cupertino’, recording public service announcements and bumpers for radio and television.

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A partial client list:

Security Software


Community Television

Youth and Adult Camp


Electronic Health Records Software